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“Be Remembered…
Undeniably Argos.”

Argo & Agro NYX | Argos Perfume | Argos Fragrance | Argo Perfume | Argo Fragrance

Argos perfume, a fine fragrance company was founded by creator Christian Petrovich in the spring of 2014. Christian known for his creative spirit and as an entrepreneur was commissioned by a Greek Shipping and export tycoon to produce a custom fragrance for him and his family. Christian has a strong business background and is also a full-time model and actor.

The entrepreneur created Argos Fragrance International LLC. His goal was simply to create a unique and high-quality fragrance line that would satisfy the most selective of fragrance connoisseur. Creating a high-quality natural perfume quality fragrance was not an easy challenge.

Christian knew what he was after and remained steadfast in demanding only best ingredients be utilized in making his fragrances. Armed with discerning taste and a clear goal in creating appealing scents he arduously went back and forth for nearly a year working with several fragrance labs from across the world to create fragrances that would become the inaugural scents. The staggering amount of time it took to create the two fragrances was out of world experience.

Christian traveled and visited several fragrance labs and developed many other key aspects of the business. Another task that Christian wanted to achieve was to create a new and high-end solution to having access to Argo fragrances at all times. it has solved that problem with the introduction of its portable fragrance atomizer line and an even higher quality LUXX line of fragrance atomizers.

This not only allows our users the opportunity to travel with their favorite new fragrances but to do so with jewelry grade, hand engraved and custom logo Argos perfume atomizers.

Argo & Agro NYX | Argos Perfume | Argos Fragrance | Argo Perfume | Argo Fragrance

Argo & Argo Nyx , two colognes named after Argos, were created for the modern gentleman. Argo perfume, formulated with a top note of lotus reveals an aquatic scent that is clean and refreshing. Argo Nyx has a top spicy top note for a more elegant evening appeal. Both Argo perfume & Argo Nyx were created using the finest natural ingredients from around the world making them as unique as they are satisfying. Argos’s unique and custom proprietary blend of essential oils is then shipped from Paris, France to its fragrance lab in New York City. Argos fragrances are then bottled, packaged and shipped from Dallas, Texas, USA. The end result of many months of formulating and reformulating Argos fragrances has resulted in the creation of Argo perfume. Created from the finest natural ingredients and designed to stimulate and attract by arousing the most powerful of our senses. Be remembered….Undeniably ARGOS.

Argo perfumes will be available internationally March 2015. Orders will be accepted at & stay tuned for more updates!

“Be Remembered…Undeniably Argos.”

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“Be Remembered….Undeniably Argos

Argo & Agro NYX | Argos Perfume | Argos Fragrance | Argo Perfume | Argo Fragrance



Argo & Agro NYX | Argos Perfume | Argos Fragrance | Argo Perfume | Argo Fragrance

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