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Oh my God! This is literally the best cologne I've ever purchased. Ginger... Water... and Violets. My aunt said that it was literally a scent for "Gods", Ha! . The bottle seems basic but...

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Easily the best blind purchase I've ever made It's not in stores, only online so it was a total shot in the dark-- has a little kick from the first spray but smells like quality vs cheap alcohol...

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Came across Argo on Fbook and thought I'd give it a try...I really enjoy this cologne. The perfect blend of spice then gets fresh-clean and seems fun-play. Great bottle...simple but I kinda like...

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I just bought an atomizer sample of this which I used last evening and I was pleasantly surprised. Let me tell you I lived in Greece and it gets quite hot there. So when I put it on again, I...

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I bought a 100 mL bottle of Argo on a whim. It's new and not out in stores and I was curious. It's amazing how mIuch tastes can change in a few years. I am trying to get out of the habit of using...

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I love the "Marine" fragances, Argo is not a scandalous aroma, instead it starts off with a lil kick then cools off to very light.

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Got this Argo for my BF. It does smell Clean but with a little kick or spicyness at first. But I don't think that it's a bad smell . It's a good everyday or evening smell...

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Marine scent, just like a cross of BVLGari Aqva + Armani Giò but better, really good for casual or out at night use, price is quite reasonable for the quility :X love it, a...

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It's definitely fresh and has a kick or some bite. I hear there is a Noir version and a Day version? Not sure?

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It's not a common scent, Definitely special...I'd buy again....and again Ha!

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Fresh with a touch of spice, Elegant...Smells great... good for everyday/night I guess 😀

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Fresh beautiful scent that is not too heavy, but lingers in the air. Is strong enough but it is not overwhelming. Very pleasant!

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